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A backpack is defined by its comfort and safety and by combining great designs and materials, Ogio have been able to make some of the best backpacks. The materials used and stitching done are top of the line and this clearly makes their backpacks one of the most durable in the market.

With a wide selection of back packs, one can never miss what they want. From travel to sport and even motorcycle backpacks. They also come in a wide range of sizes and design. For outdoor travel, they offer water proof sectionals that will protect your camera and flash light. Every camper needs one. On the other hand, their travel bags are superb as they offer several ways of carrying easing long distance travel.

Their motorcycle backpacks have a tough casing and will protect whatever you are carrying from any impact. They also have a stream line design that helps in minimizing drag when riding your bike. As a safety measure, the zipper is opened from the inside rather than the outside and for visibility at night the bag has been lined with a reflective material that will help improve visibility for other road users at night. Not to forget that they are water proof.

Out of all the Ogio back packs available the most famous of all are the Renegade series that many will define as the ultimate laptop travel back pack.

The Ogio Renegade Made from a heavy duty nylon material, you can be sure to have the bag for a very long time and on the plus side this makes it easy to clean. At the same time, it offers the laptop just the right amount of protection without affecting its carrying comfort.

The most noticeable feature of Ogio backpacks are the utility pockets which really come in handy when carrying small things such as flash drives and even keys. The best part is that they have zippers to ensure their safety.

Here are some other features you might like:

  • The padding on the back side, the FIUB (Hybrid Unibody Back panel) has been designed to perfectly sit on your back so as to minimize any form of discomfort. The same has be done to the adjustable sternum straps.
  • You will also find a pocket specific for carrying your phone that not only holds it firmly in place but also offer ease of access.
  • The padding on the laptop compartment is just right. The materials used is also soft so as not to scratch the laptop and lint free.
  • The most impressive part of the renegade series is the organizational panels that allow you to carry many different items of different sizes. What’s more, is that you do not even need to worry about space as they are plentiful spacious thanks to these panels and utility pockets.
  • Some will say that they are a little costly but we reckon that it is worth every penny especially considering that they will last for years even with extensive use.

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