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How shower changed our lifes? If you were just thinking how easy our life is, you were just right. Just think about that how easy you can go and clean and refresh your body just by taking a shower. Our parents or grandparents weren’t in the same position. They had to wash them self in pots full of water. They had to warm water in other pots if they wanted to have warm water. They couldn’t control the temperature of the water, neither the angle of the water and so on. Nowadays you can control the angle of water, the temperature and even you can relax under the shower. What are the main parts of the shower? The drainage, installation, shower door, shower curtain and the showerhead.

What is the showerhead? If we want to keep it simple we can say that it’s a nozzle with many little holes on it. This nozzle distributes the water in a solid angle. This is very useful because if we take a shower we can reduce the use of water. But this depends on the showerhead we use. Some statistics show that if we use the perfect showerhead we can reduce our common expenses very well. An average shower which takes 8 minutes uses 62 liter of water per month, while an average bath uses 80 liter of waters. It’s very easy to measure now how many water we can save and with it we can save our money too.

Additionally to our shower heads we can choose the pattern what this sprays. We can choose showerheads that can give us a massage, gentle spray and combination of these.

Which showerhead should you choose? When buying a new showerhead you should be careful and aware. There are many products on the market that aren’t good.

What specifications you should search on a perfect shower head? First of all everyone looks at the price of a product. The shower heads have a very large spectrum of price, from $25 until $300. Second you should check the material of the shower head. There are many materials that we use to make shower head: plastic, metal, ceramic, etcetera. Then you should check the specification of the shower heads: it can spray multiple patterns, the color, if it’s resistant to be broken, if it has sensors, if it has massage built-in and so on.

Which brand you should choose? Any brand has some positives and negatives. There are many brands of showerheads: Kingston Brass, Kohler, Delta, Moen, Grohe and we could say a few more. But which one is better? No one knows. Anyone has some preferences. But all of them are great.

Showerhead brand Kingston Brass These are one of the greatest showerheads in the world.

Here are a few models and the prices of them:

  • HKX8221 – $34,70
  • HKX8228 – $59,90
  • HKX365-$37,00
  • HKX361 – $29,46
  • HK158A1 – $36,99
  • HK225K25-$212,03
  • HK306C8 – $59,99
  • HK208A4 – $64,99
  • HKX368 – $37,00
  • HK208A8 – $69,99
  • HCK138A8-$34,00
  • HK319A4-$49,99
  • HK319A5- $69,99
  • HKX4641 – $29,99
  • HKX4648 – $34,99
  • HK406A1 – $44,99

And how can you get it? If you decided to pick one this showerheads brand Kingston Brass you just have to take a visit to http://perfectshowerhead.com and just choose your model. After choosing it you have to just stay at home and wait for our workers to ship it and additionally they can do the hard part of the job, the building-in. And you can enjoy your shower when you just want to.

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