Random Fact: Lisa Nichols says “YES, YES” to the DSWA Conference


Best Selling Author Lisa Nichols and Me at the DSWA Conference - Photo by Kim Rhodes

Best-Selling Author Lisa Nichols and Yours Truly at the 2009 DSWA Conference. Photo by Kim Rhodes.

The DSWA Conference is now over, but its message, “Imagine what you could do if you could do what you’ve imagined”, lives on.

And who better to deliver that message than the force of nature that is Lisa Nichols (contributing writer to the worldwide bestseller “The Secret”). Ms. Nichols alternately wowed and inspired as she delivered a powerhouse message to say YES, YES to your dreams NO MATTER WHAT. Which, incidentally is the name of her latest book.

Watch the video here. I dare you not to get goosebumps!

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