Latinos Aim to Reduce Dropout Rate in Maryland



As public attention continues to focus on the education of Latino children, the high dropout rate and the dire consequences of ignoring it, two things become more and more apparent: a) comprehensive reform needs to happen within the education system and b) finding the right solutions is no easy task.

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This article was first published at on November 1st, 2009.

4 thoughts on “Latinos Aim to Reduce Dropout Rate in Maryland

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  2. Great article. I had no idea you wrote for the Examiner but now I will stalk, I mean follow your column.

  3. As a community we need to work on helping kids stay in school.

  4. I totally agree. With the Latino demographics, this must become a national issue as it will affect the entire country. It cannot be ignored. I wonder what the Dep. of Education has to say about this.

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