January 27, 2015 • G+ Hangout: DREAMers Take All


They’ve been trampled on, disrespected, dehumanized. They’ve been called all kinds of names, arrested, deported. And through it all, their sheer energy and determination has allowed them to rise above, thrive and even influence legislation. They’re undocumented and unafraid… and they’re a force to be reckoned with. I’m talking, of course, about the DREAMers.

According to the Immigration Policy Center, there are approximately 1.8 million DREAMers in the Unted States, that is, people who were brought  to the United States as children, without documents. Now all grown up, these unbelievably resilient young men and women have become some of the loudest voices in the immigration conversation.

I will be interviewing three of the most prominent DREAM advocates: Cesar Vargas, Co-Director of the DREAM Action Coalition and a graduate from CUNY School of Law; Juan Escalante, a DREAMer and Student at Florida State University; and Erika Andiola, the amazing woman whose name is quickly becoming synonymous with the DREAMer struggle. (She’s also Co-Director of the DREAM Action Coalition).

The trio is fresh off from the Iowa Freedom Summit this past weekend, where Dream Action Coalition just had a demonstration this past weekend. They will share ALL about that experience, what it means to be treated as strangers in their only land they know, and what makes their strategies so effective in the fight for humane immigration legislation.

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